An essential step prior to buying any car insurance policy is researching. Unfortunately many people skip this step and rely on their agents to choose a policy for them. This is a huge mistake. You must be aware about what are the different car insurance plans in the market. A little time spent in researching can help you save a considerable sum of money. Additionally, you are at a good place to make an informed decision when you are thorough about the features as well as pros and cons of each individual car policy.

To ensure that you select the best car insurance plan, put the following steps into practice:

Compare features of insurance policies

You will find that there are several insurance providers in the market offering to insure your vehicle. At the first glance, all or most of the insurance policies may appear similar. You need to compare the different car insurance plans to ascertain what distinguishes one plan from another. Check to see the time required by each car insurer to process claims, whether or not they offer No Claim Bonus and if they do then what is the bonus amount, discounts offered by insurance companies etc.

Do not make the mistake of blindly going ahead with whatever the agent tells you. Take some time out of your day to compare the different insurance policies and find out their distinguishing traits. In this way you will be in a better position to decide which plan with perfectly match all your insurance needs.

Review add-ons

Many insurance companies offer extra services like Quick Assistance of Road, Zero Depreciation, Personal Accident Cover and Key Replacement Compensation, among many others.

Pay careful attention to the various add-ons offered by insurers so that you can pick out the right policy i.e. one that caters to all your insurance needs. Keep in mind that when you want to avail the benefits of the add-on covers and riders, you will have to shell out a little extra money.

Compare different insurance quotes

Comparing the quotes of different insurance plans has never been so easy thanks to the power of the internet. Through any insurance web aggregator you can compare the quotes of insurance providers in a matter of seconds.

All insurance plans do not have a uniform pricing structure. The rates are determined by the insurance providers based on the type and age of car, driver’s experience etc. Whichever site you use to compare the quotes, make sure they compute the premium on the fixed Insured Declared Value.

Check reviews of insurers

If your family members or friends have taken out an insurance cover for their car, ask them about how their experience has been so far. You can also look up reviews posted by users on the internet. The reviews from your near and dear ones as well as those on the internet can provide better insights about how well a car insurer functions. You can also find out how the customer support handles queries or how fast insurers settle claims.